the call

A generation cries out for a sign; a nation weeps for what has been lost, and what cannot now be found in all the land.

Hear then, O Sons of Dust! Hear and remember! Listen, now to the voice of the True Bard, the Goodly-Wise and Father of Bards, the High King of Heaven. For He is generous; His Swift Sure Hand is ever merciful, His Healing Hand ever gracious. Let the weary gather in the shelter of His Presence and find rest!

You seek a sign, and see the silence of Heaven as proof that no sign will be given. Indeed, many believe that there is none to give the sign.

And yet I tell you this day, the sign has already been given!
Who are we, to tread upon streets of gold and yearn for pebbles?
Who are we, dressed in the finest garments of kings, to steal rags from the back of a beggar?
Who are we, to seek the living among the dead?
Why seek you the wisdom of Heaven among the foolishness of men?

For I tell you again, the sign you seek has already been given:

I give you the Arrow from the Quiver of Heaven, whose flight shows all men the True Path.
Surely an arrow, once flown, cannot be recalled!

I give you the Word already spoken, Truth that walked among us in the form of a man.
Surely a word, once spoken, cannot be unsaid!

I give you the Water of Life, poured out as the Offering to quench the endless thirst of those come from dust, and to the dust return.
Surely water, once drunk, cannot return to the jar!

Behold, the One who laid the foundations of the Earth knew from before the beginning that the sign was required. It is the glory of kings to seek out a matter, and this matter has been sought by the High King, Himself.

But the folly of men is ever such:
That those with two eyes to see would remain blind,
That those with two ears to hear would remain deaf,
That those with two lips to speak would remain dumb.

Rise up, Men of Truth! Oppose the false men in your midst, and take your stand upon the Rock of your Salvation. For I tell you that a worthy Lord requires your service now, that this world would not fall to darkness. His heel has been bruised by the Great Adversary; but the Ancient One of Evil has been crushed by the Hero-Feat of Righteousness. This, then, is the day foretold, as the ground itself trembles with the trumpet’s call; great armies clash.

Every man must take his place in the shield wall, serving the True Lord, or the False One. A choice must be made, and the battle joined. For the sign given is a call to fight, and the Great Mystery is this:

Life comes only to those who willingly lay down their lives in death. For flesh is born of flesh, and blood is born of blood; but spirit is born of Spirit, and Spirit ever more remains. A life given in this place is but a small thing, given for the Life to come.

Here end the words of the True Bard. Let him hear it who will.

-Charles Baldon, 2009 (inspired by the writing of Stephen Lawhead)


Resolved, to know Truth, to pursue Beauty in its form of forms, to seek out Understanding and know its ways under the sun.

Resolved, to know Wisdom intimately, and not simply as the antithesis of my folly.

Resolved, to become a disciple of Truth: His close companion, His heart friend, His sword brother on the treacherous path.