Les Miserables

Les Mis - posterJust saw this film last night, and you should go, either to the play or its cinematic equivalent.  Law and grace are on center stage, thinly disguised by the names Javert and Valjean.  Their various collisions make for heart-wrenching, heart-warming drama.

Be warned: you will cry tears of joy and tears of sorrow; there is deep value to both.

For this is what the Most High says to all who come before him on their knees.  Having robbed Him blind, of His glory, of the obedience that is His right and His will for us… he forgives, the Son having taken our punishment in our place.  And He doesn’t simply forgive, which by itself would be astonishing: He tells us we forgot to take the candlesticks, too.  Our seat on the galley bench remains empty forevermore.

After all these years, grace is still amazing.