Raymond Chandler Evening (Hitchcock)

It’s a Raymond Chandler Evening
At the end of someone’s day
And I’m standing in my pocket
And I’m slowly turning grey

I remember what I told you
But I can’t remember why
And the yellow leaves are falling
In a spiral from the sky

There’s a body on the railings
That I can’t identify
And I’d like to reassure you but
I’m not that kind of guy

It’s a Raymond Chandler Evening
And the pavements are all wet
And I’m lurking in the shadows
‘Cause it hasn’t happened… yet

-Robyn Hitchcock, 1986

I first encountered these lyrics in James O’Barr’s classic graphic novel, The Crow, and they have haunted me ever since.  In the context of the novel they felt very noir, there was a sinister lurking to the words, a foretaste of coming vengeance.  In this Mr. O’Barr and I can agree: something is very, very wrong with the world, and we long for the day the wrong will be set right.

To hear the song (for song it first was, from the album Element of Light), go here.

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