i remember

hope in the darknessi remember all i told You
all my promises unkept
as i watched You as i held You
in the deep night while You dreamt

i remember all Your whispers
through those curving perfect lips
how You told me that You loved me
 then into the darkness slipped

i remember how You grew cold
i remember how i cried
i remember how they took You
i remember when hope died

and the skies they wont stop bleeding
mourning weeping full my loss
no one ever told me of this
no one told me of loves cost

so i stand here now surrounded
by the wreckage of Your dreams
and i gaze within the abyss
seeking answers to my screams

while the world is growing distant
weakly weary still i call
but my cries just feed the shadows
and in darkness now i fall

-Charles Baldon, March 2013