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a Christmas blessing

The end of another year draws nigh, and we approach the most holy of our days as His children, the Christ Mass.  Praise be to the Gifting God for the blessing of His Great Light in the form of a helpless babe.  Listen, then, and I will tell you a wonder:

How a great King set aside His crown, His sovereign right to rule;
How the mightiest ever among us was celebrated by the lowliest at His birth.
His very people, whom He came to save from death, sought death for Him instead…
for you and I, just assuredly as any soldier of Rome, put those spikes into hands and feet.
He walked among us, as a child, as a man, as a servant, seeking faith He rarely found
even in those He held most dear-
Truly, the world was not worthy of Him.

And so, on a day as black as that winter’s night was bright, they


took him,

We beat Him, we punished Him for our own sin, and the King of Heaven lay down unto death…

But it could not keep Him.

Indeed, the very grave knew defeat that glorious day, when the Light forever banished Darkness from the souls of men who would seek Him.  The babe that was born this night we celebrate became the greatest of gifts to men…


For you see, the beauty of the Christ is that it makes life unfair.  Thanks be to the High King of Heaven, never again need you and I fear being treated fairly for the evil we have done!  Our hope is His Grace, and our just fate is stayed by His Mercy.  And so this day, as you reflect on all that has gone before you, offer thanks to our Blessed Lord for his wondrous bounty.

May the Three of Limitless Love renew the strength of your heart, that your true Hope be found in the Lord of Heaven, far from the wickedness of this world;
May the Three of Perfect Peace bless you richly as you strive ever onward for the Kingdom, and may the rewards of your labor be vast in a place suffering no decay;
May the Three of Boundless Joy bring laughter to your lips, and rejoice with you this day, for your Salvation has come in the form of a babe, Immanuel, God with us!


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