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in vanity, hope

As Solomon writes in Ecclesiastes and Paul echoes in Romans, this world under the sun is very broken: broken to the point of utter futility.  We respond to this in several ways:

the hedonist enjoys the best of this world, seeking solace in pleasure… if only the religious would sip a little wine, they could loosen up and really live.
the religious makes the best of this world, seeking order through structure… if only the hedonist would put the wine down and obey, everything would work.
the redeemed understand this world does not contain the best of anything, seeking not just their own redemption, but the promised redemption of everything.

There is work do while we live under the sun, to His glory and our good, and therein lies our hope.  We don’t have to fix it all, and we have so many more moments than this one to live for.


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