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In storms of words and faces rage ignites
Flaring into false life: heat, flame, fury –
Shredding blood and bone and deeper still
A beast given solitary thought: kill.

Before this shade I stand in strength unknown
The locus of your hate, your anger’s core
Unarmed, unshielded, with arms held open wide
I’ll fight on faith alone right by your side.

For at the end, there’s only one defense
One single truth that stands against the night;
I love you as I’m loved by Another
And He alone can set the wrongs things right.

-Charles Baldon, January 2013

Some of the most important battles we fight in this world are not the conflicts that we often glamorize in our stories and films, but the inward struggles of the wounded heart (soul).  In the face of reckless anger, love – true love – shows its quality.  Not simply as emotion, but as choice: the decision to approach in kindness and gentleness, instead of withdraw into a shriveled husk of bitterness.

This is what Truth has done for us: this is what Truth compels us to emulate.


One thought on “pain

  1. …..the decision to approach in kindness and gentleness, instead of withdraw into a shriveled husk of bitterness…. well said. No neutral ground, right? To not be obedient, to not respond with kindness and gentleness means you are choosing to embrace and be a husk.

    Unless God gives eyes to see…there we all go. Amazing Grace!

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