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Inexorable creeps the numbing cold,
Dusk drained into death’s dark deepening night,
As sons of dust shiver in skin and soul
Awesome despair snuffs hope’s weakening light. 

Terrors whisper, naming nameless fears
Betrayal, loss, love sickened now to hate –
Haunted eyes fail, falling to dreamless sleep
As demon howls call to the reaper, reap.

“Cease now your strivings! Lay aside your care,”
(before this voice devouring void recoils)
“Hark in rimed black to truth’s true voice,
Hark in skin and soul to wonder given.

Ere dust, ere beast, ere any thought of man,
Ere first mountain, ere first flowering bloom,
Ere time itself began to gnaw the world,
Ere water flowed, ere ever tree unfurled,

Ere dust turned flesh, ere flesh turned dust again,
Ere any mortal eye gleamed, gifted sight,
Truth’s true voice spoke into darkness plain
Decreeing morn shall ever follow night.”

-Charles Baldon, January 2013


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