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I have seen a thing under the sun:

I have seen a man crave knowledge and give all he has to find it.

I have seen a man gain more than he knows, for beyond the knowledge itself, he gains another gift: the lust to know more.  The gift sought brings pleasure for a time; the gift unsought brings devastation.

I have seen this tale of achievement become a tale of tragedy: I stood in the rain as a defeated man lay back down in dust at the end of life, knowing only his despair that he does not yet truly know.

I have seen truth: there has always been, there will always be, another thing to know.

I have wondered at this thing under the sun, for knowing so rarely leads to wisdom.

I have pondered a deeper truth: could it be that the knowledge yearned for by the head destroys the one who gains it absent the mystery sought by the heart?


One thought on “knowing

  1. I like how Wilson always says that the unsaved can keep grasping and gathering cans of peaches, but it is to the elect who are given can openers and are invited to fully enjoy them, to the lost it is just more vanity.

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